Sitecore Commerce Icons

Ten years ago when I started working with Sitecore, one of the first thing I learn it was how to select icons for items templates.

In Sitecore Commerce is a bit different how to choose icons for entity views.You don’t have a picker for icons.

Icons in Sitecore Commerce are stored in Bizfx tools in the root folder in SitecoreIcons.*.svg file.


To view all the icons from the Bizfx toool you can use

You can drag and drop and select the icons .



After you select the SVG file you will see icons available for Sitecore Commerce.


Using Fontello you can search for icons :


To create an entity view with a selected icons you have use :

var newEntityView = new EntityView
Name = “CustomEntityView”,
DisplayName = “CustomEntityView”,
Icon = “calendar_clock”,
ItemId = “CustomEntityViewId”


The result for on Commerce Dashboard is :


In the next blog I will explain how to add a new EntityView to CommerceDashboard



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